Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Blogging!

Hi everyone!

I really couldn't decide whether to start blogging or not. I don't have a very interesting life~ mainly all I do is write. But after a bit of thinking I thought I might have more to say than I originally thought. I visit Amish country quite a bit, and have been busy writing my new series and talking to people about FORGIVEN.

So, what's new today? Back to school shopping for my daughter, and a bunch of other errands to run.

I'm one of those rare people who just loves Mondays. A new week brings hope to me! I'm always looking forward to something good to happen. Being a writer, I do a lot of waiting to hear what people think about the work I've done. I'm always most anxious to hear from my editor about a newly finished manuscript!

Least favorite day of the week? Thursday, without a doubt. That's when I start either 1) feeling stressed because I haven't gotten half of what I wanted to get done finished...or 2) I'm still waiting for the phone call or email or letter to arrive. And yes, that happens quite a lot.

Does anyone else have a favorite or least-favorite day of the week?


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