Monday, August 24, 2009

My visit to Waynesville

On Saturday, my husband and I drove to Waynesville. There's a Der Dutchman restaurant there. Because I haven't had time to drive to Holmes County lately, I wanted to get some Amish food and walk around a little bit and get inspired. My husband, being the nice guy that he is-decided to come along. The food was terrific. The restarant is lovely and everyone was super nice.

But it wasn't in Amish country.

The whole time we wandered through the shops in Waynesville, I was disappointed. The stores were cute, but filled with gifts that I could get any number of places. Nothing Amish for sale.

I kept telling my husband that I wish we would have at least driven to Adams County, which is only about an hour in the other direction. That's the area where my Sisters of the Heart series is set. In Adams County, there's several Amish shops and beautiful countryside.

We came home from the Der Dutchman with rolls and a pie and plans to go to Adams County very soon. I need to see some buggies and horses and beautiful quilts. I want to wander through my favorite Amish market and listen to everyone shopping. I want to pick up some homemade baskets and look through Amish cookbooks. Being in Amish country relaxes me. It inspires me. It makes me happy.

Perhaps I won't make it until next Saturday!


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  1. Great blog. I love your books. Just finished Forgiven. I am looking forward to your next book. Keep writing. God bless you.