Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My new friend Paul

For the last two weeks, I've been having Internet problems with my computer. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not so well at all. This morning, every time I tried to get online, my whole computer locked up. I had enough!

I whined to my husband who told me to get on the phone and get a service guy to come out. At first, that seemed funny to me. I'm used to being frustrated, sitting on the phone with anonymous customer service reps. Usually by the time I get off the phone, I'm even more confused than I was in the first place.

But I have no problem arranging a service call for my dishwasher.

So, with that in mind, I called a computer repair service at 9 this morning. Paul came out at 10:30. Unfortunately for Paul, he had to stay for two hours, leave to help someone else, then come back. I had some real computer issues.

Suzy, my Doxi, barked at him the whole time. She was really annoying! Luckily, he happened to like dogs, and so, as we sat in my office together, waiting for my computer to do all kinds of Vista updates, we talked dogs.

At five o'clock today, Paul left. And my computer is doing great. I'm so happy to be back on to the Internet. And, I feel a little bit smarter, too.

Oh, I'd much rather type out stories than try to 'trouble shoot'...but now I can promise that I will never ignore a Windows Vista Update again.

Anyone else have computer problems lately?


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  1. No, thank goodness! Knock wood. Cross fingers. We had our share in July, when our fairly new Dell (with Vista!) died suddenly without warning. Turned out the "motherboard" was bad. I was just glad that it was still under warranty and that none of the memory was affected.

    So glad you're back online!