Monday, September 14, 2009

Computer, Part 2

I should have known my computer problems ended too easily! Just hours after I typed the last blog, my computer started acting up again. By Friday, Paul was back out and we discovered that my USB port was damaged. So, my computer was officially broken. I then spent a good few hours doing my best to transfer everything to disks, and now have to install them on my new computer.

This whole little episode taught me quite a few things about myself. First...I'm not nearly as easy going as I like to think I am! I like my routine, and I like the things in my life to work. When they don't, I get grumpy. That's not a very good quality!

I'm hoping, perhaps, that I've learned some patience this week. We'll see.

Other than my computer problems, we had a nice weekend. I took my husband to the symphony on Saturday night. He didn't go all that willingly, but we both really enjoyed the night out.

Now it's time to get organized and to get ready for the ACFW conference! I leave on Thursday.


1 comment:

  1. I would have been grumpy too!

    Have fun at the conference!