Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sugarcreek on Saturday

Tom and I drove up to Sugarcreek on Saturday. I'm currently writing Autumn's Promise, and I wanted to get a feel for the area in September.

We had hoped to go up on Friday night and spend the day on Saturday, but there wasn't a single hotel room to be had! It's tourist season in Sugarcreek-the Swiss festival is coming up. It was absolutely beautiful. A little rainy, but the leaves were starting to turn and all the surrounding areas were green and pretty.

We started out the day at my Amish friend Clara's, then picked up her daughter and granddaughter. How fun to have three generations in our back seat for the day! The five of us had a great time. We went to a store that caters to the Amish, not tourists. I saw rows of hats and bonnets, and other items for use in the kitchen. Next, we all went out to lunch. (my favorite part of any visit! I love pie!)

We visited the local bookstore, a few other stores, and then finally went back to Clara's daughter's farm, where she very kindly showed me around her home and let me walk out to see all her animals.

Tom and I arrived home on Saturday night tired but loaded with all kinds of goodies...fresh bread, cute baskets...and a bag full of handmade pot holders and book bags and even a handmade apron.

I can't wait to give those away!


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  1. Sounds like some great giveaways.....love your books Shelley.....a devoted book fan.....Linda McFarland.....ps...was wondering where to write too....so I can get some of your bookmarks and autographed bookplates........babyruthmac16@yahoo.com